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Lake Elsinore

✏️ 2021-01-01 🏷️ photography

To start the new year, my girlfriend and I spent two weeks in an AirBnB in Lake Elsinore. We were lucky to get some solid warm weather and found a nice little beach to catch some gorgeous sunsets. The mountains next to the lake were a perfect backdrop as well. Here are some of my favorites from the trip. All of these were shot on a 35mm prime and are unedited.

mountain sunset orange 1 1/3s @ f/22

mountain sunset orange 2 1/6s @ f/11

mountain sunset purple 1 2s @ f/22

mountain sunset blue 1 4s @ f/11

mountain sunset blue 2 13s @ f/11

One of the nights, we drove a couple hours out to a village with low light pollution to attempt some night sky photography. I found out on the way back that my focus was off, and the stars ended up looking a bit larger than they should.

night sky 15s @ f/2.8

Got a few star trails on this one.

night sky star trails 15s @ f/3.5

Definitely need to try these again…

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