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Rear Sway Bar Install (Civic FK7)

✏️ 2021-07-03 🏷️ civic, fk7

I turned 25 earlier this spring and bought my first car. I wanted something I could modify and mess with so I picked up a 10th gen Civic Hatch (FK7).

I’ve mostly been making aesthetic upgrades, but this past July 4th weekend, I got some time to work on my first performance mod. Swapped the rear sway bar with a stiffer 22mm kit. Took about 2 hours — shout out to my buddy for helping out.

Up on ramps

Stock vs aftermarket Stock bar on the right, aftermaket on the left.

Installing the aftermarket Getting it back in took a bit more sweat.

Sticker Mod’s not complete without the sticker.

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