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Not really a project, but finally got around to adding my dotfiles to some form of VCS. Excited to not have to email/Slack these to myself from different machines like a caveman.

The Makefile provides recipes to sym link the ZSH config and GitHub user config to the user’s $HOME folder (i.e. ~). The .zshrc automatically loads other .zsh files from the dotfiles repo to populate the env, set up aliases, and anything else. Random learnings from building these scripts:

I run Ubuntu on a custom built PC (via WSL 2) as well as OSX (MacOS?) on a MacBook Pro so the goal was to make everything as OS agnostic as possible.

The Makefile and auto-loading scripts were heavily inspired by Lars Kappert’s post as well as Zach Holman’s dotfiles. I think those are great places to start.

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